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1. Snakes of GOA  2. The Call of the Snake 3. Free from school ( 3 books set)
  • 1. Snakes of GOA 2. The Call of the Snake 3. Free from school ( 3 books set)

    ₹1,680.00 Regular Price
    ₹1,596.00Sale Price

    Author : Rahul Alvares

    Snakes of GOA  | 281 pages  |  Hardbound  (1400)

    The Call of the Ssnake  | 150 pages | Paperback ( 150)

    Free from School | 112 pages | Paperback (130)

    • About the Book

      Free from School :  Rahul Alvares did not set out to write a book. Under the encouragement of his parents, he consciously set out to try his hand at learning things outside the school framework and you might say as a result, Free From School, actually came looking for him

      The call of the Snake : The simple one-syllable word ‘snake’ readily conjures up waves of terror in the hearts of most people. Here’s a book that will help you change your mind – and successfully treat your inherited fears – about these creatures. The Call of the Snake contains consummate little stories about snakes written by one of Goa’s better known snake handlers, while on his snake-catching rounds.Related with a fine sense of humour and with great attention to detail, the stories will teach you a lot about these reptiles while also keeping you wholly enthralled and entertained. After you have read and enjoyed them, you will see snakes differently forever; as friends and not as mortal enemies

      Snakes of Goa : Models, famous people, actors, these are not difficult to photograph, they love the attention, they will readily pose. But snakes are an entirely different cup of tea. You get too close to them and they hiss and snarl. If you are too far from them, they all look alike. These pictures of the known and unknown snakes and reptiles of the beautiful, small state of Goa were leisurely shot over a decade by Rahul Alvares, Goa's well known snake-handler and wildlife photographer.

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