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Avoid Chemicals In Your Food

Avoid Chemicals In Your Food




Consumers' Association of Penang

ISBN: 978-981-3083-19-0
Book size: 140 X 110 mm
Pages: 108

  • About the Book

    • The next time you shop for food in the supermarket, look out for … not food, but toxic ADDITIVES. For decades now, the food industry has continually created new chemicals to manipulate and transform our food.

      Nearly 3,000 additives and preservatives are used in food today — to mimic natural flavours, colour foods to make them look more “natural” or “fresh,” preserve foods for longer and longer periods of time, and create altered versions of breads, crackers, fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products and many more commonly eaten foods. In the short term, some of these chemicals may cause headaches; low-energy levels; or poor mental concentration, behaviour, or immune response.

      Chemicals with long-term effects could increase your risk of cancer, cardio-vascular disease and other degenerative conditions.


      Avoid Chemicals in Your Food  /  What is a Food Additive?  /  Why Additives are Used  /  Chemicals or Food?  /  Bug Parts, Human Hair and Skatole (Don’t Ask) are  /  All Ingredients in the Food You Eat  /  Inadequate Testing on Food Additives  /  Tracking Additives on the Label  /  What Chemicals are Added to Your Food  /  Where Are Additives Found  /  Not the Real Thing  /  Chemical Flavourings Instead of Real Food  /  Malaysian Label Laws  /  Banned in Many Countries, Permitted in Malaysia  /  How Additives Harm Our Body  /  Children Eat More Than 150 Additives A Day  /  Mood-altering Chemicals in Children’s Food  /  Frequently Asked Questions on Additives  /  What the All-American Diet is Doing to Us  /  Food Additive Cemetery

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