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Education and Peace
  • Education and Peace




    Author : Jane Sahi

    ISBN : 978-93-82400-15-8

    147 pages  |  Paperback

    • About the Book

      A most conscientious and committed educationist, Jane Sahi (B. 1949) was brought up in a Quaker family in England and attended a Quaker residential school, Came to India in 1968 out of her interest in Gandhiji's life and ideas. Married to Jyoti Sahi in 1970. Interested in the educational ideas of Rudolf Steiner and Rabindranath Tagore, started a small school in Silvepura village on the outskirts of Bangalore in 1975. A Kannada medium school up to the 7th class, Sita School is totally outside the formal educational system, following its own curriculum and methods of teaching. Artistic activity is one of the principal mediums through which children educate themselves with the help and guidance of the teachers. Most children attending Sita School are from the common poor folk who would otherwise have had to go without education. The children come from the five surrounding villages and are mostly first generation school goers.

      Contents : Introduction

      I. Roots and Branches - A Tribute to Marjorie Sykes Prefatory Remarks
      1. A Pattern of Unsustainable Growth 2. Correlation as a pattern for
      Sustainable Growth 3. Ways of Recognising and Fostering Growth


      II. The Place of the Individual in Gandhiji's Concept of Education
      Introduction 1. Gandhi's Concept of the Individual 2. The Place of the
      Individual in Basic Education 3. Relevance to the Present Situation

      II Reflections
      1. Viability of Small Schools 2. Sustainable Education 3. The Treasure House of Stories 4. Playing in the Sand 5. Reflections on the Nature of the Child... 6. Recreating the Environment through Art...

      Marjorie Sykes : A life sketch

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