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How Sleep Affects Your Body and Mind

How Sleep Affects Your Body and Mind




Consumers' Association of Penang

ISBN 978-983-3083-10-7
Book size: 140 x 110mm
Pages: 60

  • About the Book

    Sleep is not a waste of time – it is a neccesity. Sleep is important to help restore and rejuvenate the brain and body. It is as important for health as good nutrition and exercise.

    Health experts believe we need sleep, just as we need air, food and water. Unfortunately, we are becoming an increasingly sleep-deprived society. We now live in a 24-hour society, a “rat race” where sleep is not valued.

    Malaysians are ranked no. 8 in the world for sleeping late. 54% of us sleep after midnight.

    The price we pay in terms of health, safety and productivity may be tremendous.


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