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How Toxic Is Your Cup Of Coffee?

How Toxic Is Your Cup Of Coffee?




Consumers' Association of Penang

ISBN 978-983-104-172-7
Book size: 140 x 110mm
Pages: 40

  • About the Book

    • Caffeine – It’s the most widely used mind-altering drug in the world. It works like narcotics to stimulate your brain; increase your heartbeat, breathing and metabolic rate; and creates addiction – and yet is perfectly legal. And it’s among the more than 700 volatile substances found in your coffee.

      In the book:

    •  Ill Effects of Caffeine.
    •  Caffeine: The Next Nicotine?
    •  No. 1 Addiction Problem.
    •  How the Coffee Industry Hides the Truth from Consumers.
    •  How Much Caffeine in Your Food and Drinks?
    •  Instead of Caffeine.
    •  Energy-Boosting Tips.
    •  What Else is In Your Coffee?
    •  Exposing Myths about Caffeine.
    •  Children — the Main Target.
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