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Is MSG Safe?

Is MSG Safe?




Consumers' Association of Penang

ISBN 978-983-3083-78-7
Book size: 140 x 110mm
Pages: 68

  • About the Book

    • Monosodium Glutamate or MSG, is a popular flavouring substance in many foods. The food industry tells us it’s “natura” and “safe”. But eater, beware: A growing mountain of evidence indicates that MSG may be more toxic than we know.

      MSG is now recognised by many in the medical profession as an “excitotoxin”, a type of drug that damages brain cells. It has been reported to be an addictive substance, and has been described as a slow “public poison” in the west. It can even be fatal, in large enough doses.

      Yet most doctors, dieticians and the public know very little about the toxic effects of MSG. That’s because the billion-dollar processed food industry and MSG producers spend a fortune on advertising and public relations, which hail MSG as “natural”, to make all of us believe MSG is safe for the majority of the population.


      Is MSG Safe?  /  5 Things You Should Know About MSG  /  How is MSG Processed?  /  MSG’s Poisonous Effects  /  Maimed by MSG  /  Death by MSG  /  MSG, Excitotoxins & Disease  /  Body Systems Affected by MSG  /  How MSG Harms Health  /  Children, Unborn & Elderly At Greater Risk  /  Drugs Created to Protect Against Glutamate Toxicity  /  And They Call It “Natural” & “Safe”: What MSG Makers Don’t Tell You  /  If MSG Isn’t Harmful, Why Is It Hidden  /  Beware the New MSG  /  Where MSG Hides  /  Why Food Companies Add MSG to Foods

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