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Author : Asad R. Rahmani and Dhritiman Mukherjee.


  • About the Book

    'Magical Biodiversity of India' is a visual treat of stunning photographs of Indian biodiversity both on land and in water by Dhritiman Mukherjee - a leading professional nature and wildlife photographer. The text has been written by Dr. Asad R Rahmani - a leading ornithologist and conservationist of the country. An unbeatable combination of two experts, the book showcases the richness and splendour of the biodiversity of India.

    Our country represents a microcosm of the entire world. From the frigid vastness of the Trans-Himalayan plateaus, through the snow-bound crests of the mighty Himalaya, to the fertile arc of the Gangetic plan, along the silent dunes of the That desert, amidst the incredibly rich mountain chain of the western ghats where evolutionary forces still forge species, down to the coastal mangroves fringing the oceans dotted with coral reefs and volcanic islands, this book takes the reader along an incredibly magical journey. Each zone is showcased in all its richness. Besides, the power of photography to showcase threatened landscapes and species cannot be underestimated. 

    Dhritiman Mukherjee and Asad R. Rahmani bring this out magnificently through photographs and text in this magical book. 

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