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Protect Your Child

Protect Your Child




Consumers' Association of Penang

ISBN 978-983-104-179-6
Book size: 125 x 190mm
Pages: 228


  • About the Book

    Our children are our hopes and our future. But they are also the most vulnerable: physically, mentally and emotionally. Their immune systems, and their mental and emotional capacities are simply not fully equipped to handle the toxins and dangers fraught in modern society.

    They are more susceptible to environmental carcinogens, potent drugs, chemical food additives, pesticides, heavy metals, hormone-disrupting chemicals, plasticisers and other toxins.

    And they are equally susceptible to advertisements, media values and violence, stress and other pressures which affect their mental development and health.

    This CAP Guide gives you valuable information and tips on how to protect your child in a toxic and unsafe world.

    Some topics include:

    •  Planting Diseases in Our Kids

    •  How to Raise Healthy, Disease-free Kids

    •  How to Prevent Obesity in Children

    •  Children and the Environmental Toxin Threat

    •  Disposable Diapers: Pampering or Poisoning Babies?

    •  Pesticides in Baby Food

    •  Teach Children Wisdom about the Earth

    •  Marketing & Advertising: Harmful to Children

    •  Protect Your Child Against TV Violence

    •  How to Break Free of TV

    •  Pressure-cooker Kids

    •  The Mystery of the Disappearing Childhood

    •  How to Help Your Child’s Brain Develop

    •  How a Child Learns Through Play

    •  Why Your Child Should Not Play with Barbie Dolls

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