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Author : K.C.Sahni


  • About the Book

    All you wanted to know about the trees in your backyard and beyond, you will find in this book. More than 150 species of the indigenous trees of India and the rest of the Subcontinent are described and illustrated, along with their economic importance, commercial products adn the folklore associated with them. You will soon be able to identify the trees by their field characters and appreciate the necessity to protect them.Containing over 50 illustrated plates, more than half of which are coloured, the book is a visual document depicting more than a 100 species of wildlife. The illustrations and colouring are done by the distinguished artist M. Paul Barruel.

    The Book of Indian Animals covers everything from the everyday dog to exotic panda and bears. There are chapters detailing exotic species such as pangolins,goat-antelopes, marine mammals, civets, insectivores and gazelles, but there are equally insightful chapters on more well known species like elephants, bats, weasels, rodents and horses.

    The Book Of Indian Animals has been in print for more than half a century and is considered one of the most accessible and insightful works in the field of Indian wildlife. The third edition was first published in 1971 by Oxford University Press and has continued to be the most popular entry point to the world of Indian wildlife.

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