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The Hormone Replacement Therapy Hoax

The Hormone Replacement Therapy Hoax




Consumers' Association of Penang

ISBN 978-983-104-171-0
Book size: 110 x 140mm
Pages: 64


  • About the Book

    Women are used as guinea pigs in Hormone Replacement Therapy. New findings show that HRT is a hoax that benefited drug companies, blinded doctors and put the lives of millions of women at serious risks of cancers, heart attacks and other health problems.

    Inside the book:

    •  Cancer from HRT

    •  Hormone havoc in our body

    •  Over 60 years of deception

    •  The truth about HRT & osteoporosis

    •  Natural solutions to menopause

    •  Healthy menopause: The traditional way

    •  The natural stages in a woman’s life

    •  Why women have “female problems”

    •  What is HRT



    Women As Guinea Pigs: The Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Hoax  / Natural Solutions to Menopause  /  Medicalising Menopause: How Drug Companies Profit by Making Menopause — a Natural Change in Life — an Illness /  Cancer from HRT  /  The Trouble with HRT: 7 Deadly Sins  /  Want a Heart Attack, Stroke or Cancer? Take HRT  /  Other Side Effects of HRT  /   What is HRT  /  True Health & Beauty — Without HRT  / Healthy Menopause: The Traditional Way  /  Hormone Havoc in the Body  /  The Estrogen Dominance Effect  /  Dealing with Symptoms / Hormones — the Deadly Truth  /  Traditional Chinese Medicine  /  Acupressure & Acupuncture  /  Over 30 Years of Risky Use in M’sia  /  The Natural Stages in a Woman’s Life  /  Over 60 Years of Deception: The History of HRT  /  The Truth about HRT and Osteoporosis  /  “How We Coped with Menopause — Naturally”

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