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What You Should Know About Genetically Modified Foods

What You Should Know About Genetically Modified Foods




Consumers' Association of Penang

ISBN 983-104-080-5
Book size: 140 x 110mm
Pages: 72

  • About the Book

    • Is GE food just like ordinary food — or even better? Or is it safe to eat?
    • Do I need to worry about side-effects or potential health hazards?
    • Have such foods been tested?
    • What have antibiotic resistance, bacteria and viruses to do with GE food?
    • What about toxic chemical residues?
    • Is it sold in Malaysia? Am I eating GE food?
    • Is it possible to tell it apart from natural foods?
    • How can I avoid eating such foods if they are not labelled?
    • What has GE food to do with our religious and ethical views?


    DNA: The code of life  /  Instances of potential health hazards  /  Genes and DNA can survive digestion  /  Examples of spontaneous gene transfers between species  /  Bt crops: inbuilt pesticide in every cell  /  The problem with substantial equivalence  /  Examples of poor testing procedures  /  Categories of GE foods  /  GE suspects in ingredients and products  /  Some examples of local projects

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